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Your ad-free mailbox
in the internet !



price per month and mail account € 1,-
setup fee / per order once Shows additional information when crossing via mouse. € 0,-
Which domain do you want to use with your mail addresses ?
do you want to use more than 1 mail
account ?
payment date
PayPal payment methods
other payment options Shows additional information when crossing via mouse. on request
Linux mail account for Linux-Systems (PCs and Notebooks) yes
secure and free of commercial mail accounts
via IMAP4S, POP3S / SMTPS Shows additional information when crossing via mouse.
space per mail account 500 MiB
your own domain optional
availability worldwide yes
mail forwards yes
mail aliases yes
auto responders yes
catch all mail account yes
intelligent spam and virus prodection yes
secure web mail via HTTPS Shows additional information when crossing via mouse. yes
excellence availability at the internet yes
daily backup yes
custom mail signatures optional
free support via mail für landline, microwave-free Linux-Systems yes
minimum contract term no
online invoice yes

(optional) Mail signature using plain text, HTML and vCard format Shows additional information when crossing via mouse. once € 60,-
(optional) Mail signature for each additional mail address once € 5,-
(optional) Your own Domain only for € 1,00 per month

What is a mail account ?

With a mail account or mailbox you can exchange information with other internet users. It is similar to your physical mailbox or your local mail delivery service.

What are the advantages of your own private mail account hosted by Gruber Webservices ?

  • High security of your data through secure access and regular data backup !
  • No annoying advertising and no self promotion !
  • Your own globally unique personal mail addresses.
  • Intelligent spam and virus protection. Mails won´t go into spam folder ! Just decide for yourself what you consider to be spam or not spam !
  • Availability worldwide – even without an installed mail client via Web mail.

What is a mail signature ?

An mail signature is an electronic business card appended at the bottom of an mail message.

What are the benefits of a mail signature for you and your mail recipients ?

  • All your contact details are immediately available for your mail recipients !
  • Your data (e.g. phone numbers, mail address) can be transferred directly into the address book or internet phone of the recipients.
  • Business mail dispatch in accordance with the existing law !

All prices are retail prices and tax free in accordance with § 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG 1994.
Errors and modifications excepted.

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