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About us

We serve you with heart – Our strength relies in our ability to pay attention to details !

The business manager Robert Gruber has been working thoroughly with the Internet (first Web browser NCSA Mosaic) and the Linux operating system (first Slackware Linux distribution) and Unix for 31 years (de facto since beginning). Remembering a time when Internet was reserved for the universities and when upload and download speed were beyond broadband access.
You can profit from our long-time experience with the Internet, the Linux operating system and the development of web software.

What is important to us :

  • Our philosophy is to offer you exactly what you want and need !
  • Our staff consists of professionals and skilled all-rounders !
  • Our web services and web server are powered exclusively by renewable energy !
    100 % renewable energy: water power and especially small water power, biomass and solar energy

    100 % free of CO2 emission
    100 % no support of nuclear power
  • Radiation-free landline internet connections - our contribution to an environment free of radiation !

Our business unit :

  • Linux solutions (Linux server operating systems and Linux Desktop/Client operating systems)
  • Web Software (Web Application Software, Web Services, Web Design)
  • Internet Domains
  • Shared Hosting (Web Hosting)
  • SSL / TLS Certificates
  • Electronic Mailboxes
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