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Web Software – Your application which is accessed over the internet!

What is a web software ?

A web software is an application that is accessed over the Internet or your local intranet which is available via web browser. An application can be everything that might help you in your daily work. From a technical point of view a web site is already a web software !

Do you need individual and fast software that covers your operational processes in an optimal way ?

We customize the internet and intranet web application or we create your new web site.
It is like a tailored shoe which does not pinch whenever you wish to use it !
We only use standardized and proven technologies (e.g. XHTML Shows additional information when crossing via mouse., CSS Shows additional information when crossing via mouse., JS Shows additional information when crossing via mouse., AJAX Shows additional information when crossing via mouse., PHP Shows additional information when crossing via mouse., SQL Shows additional information when crossing via mouse.).

What you can expect from web software provided by GRUBER WEBSERVICES ?

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Predictable costs
  • Support

What are the benefits of tailored web software that fit your desires and needs provided by GRUBER WEBSERVICES ?

  • High security for your data through strongly encrypted and secure access connection !
  • There is just one web browser required ! – No long software installation process ! – Low maintenance costs !
  • High speed in daily use through lean software development !
  • High flexibility and fast response times for your sales team through access opportunities worldwide !
  • Mobile access (e.g. smart phones, mobile phones, tablet computers, netbooks and notebooks, etc.) !
  • Database is constantly actualized through common database for all branches !
  • Updates can be implemented remotely during business times ! – Your web software is immediately up to date !
  • Reduction of training time through intuitive and well arranged software development !
  • 100% user-friendly through user-oriented programming
    (instead of limited possibilities to use with standard software - sometimes only 20% when using standard software) !
  • Your software is platform independent ! – Your web software runs on numerous operating systems (GNU/Linux, BSD, Unix, Chrome OS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.) and runs in standards-compliant web browsers properly !

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