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Linux – The operating system alternative !

What is Linux?

Linux also GNU/Linux 1 is a free Unix like 2 operating system with freely available source code to everyone which can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware (desktop/client and server systems, netbooks and notebooks, energy saving single-board computer and routers as well.

In the area of web services and in the server area we create and set up the Linux operating system individually from scratch by using the official sources.
In the end-user and desktop/client area you and your employees can choose among more than 300 different distributions 3 !

What you can expect from Linux solutions provided by GRUBER WEBSERVICES ?

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Predictable costs
  • Support

10 reasons for switching to Linux:

  1. Open and freely accessible source code ! – Security must not be an unknown area in your company !
  2. Fast development through a hugh community full of active experts and enthusiasts !
  3. You can choose among many different linux distributions and variants ! – Higher motivation of your employees !
  4. Linux helps saving resources ! – It is better to invest in other areas, rather than buying new hardware just for an upgrade of your operating system!
  5. Remote maintenance can be performed easily through fast Linux command line over high encrypted remote access !
  6. In case of hardware change the Linux operating system must not be reinstalled. Only the Linux-Kernel 4 needs to be adjusted to the new hardware !
  7. Linux systems emphazise on having good performance !
  8. The modular design of Linux allows you to use Linux for small and very secure server systems with high performance !
  9. There are a number of free and commercial software packages available !
  10. It works !!!

10 reasons to use Linux From Scratch (Abkz. LFS):

  1. Customized distribution according to your needs ! – Your own rules ! – High security !
  2. Immediate implementation of security updates ! – There is no need to wait for updated software packages from the distribution suppliers !
  3. High performance ! – Even when using old hardware ! – Programs and services which are not needed do not waste resources like processing power, memory etc. !
  4. Complete control over the entire system ! – From scratch !
  5. Better overview due to a very small operating system ! – We install only services and packages that you really need ! – Minimization of potential security vulnerabilities !
  6. We use official source packages and do not use unreadable binary packages which are not safe !
  7. High optimization and customization potential of hardware (processor / architecture) and software packages (Linux-kernel / libraries / programs) ! – All parts of the operating system can be adapted and changed ! – Using the full potential of hardware and software !
  8. Runs satisfactorily on old hardware ! – Already discarded servers and desktop computers can be reused ! – It is a contribution to the conservation of the world resources !
  9. Can be installed with minimum space requirements even with very little hard disk space (100 MiB or even 5 MiB) !
  10. The installation and system transfer, or even the whole compiling process of the systems for your company can be performed online !

1 Linux means in a technically correct way the kernel (Linux kernel) of the complete operating system GNU/Linux. The GNU project (abbr. GNU is NOT Unix) describes a complete Unix-like operating system environment (without kernel) which couldn´t work without the Linux kernel. In common slang Linux means GNU/Linux.
2 Unix is a collective term for operating systems that have been developed in the seventies.
3 A Linux distribution is a collection of software applications including the Linux-kernel 4 in order to build a complete operating system (e.g, GNU/Linux 2).
4 The Linux kernel is a central component of each GNU/Linux distribution. The kernel provides an interface between hardware and software. The Linux kernel governs process management, multitasking, memory management and much more.

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